Started in 2019, Peilia flourished with an idea focused on embracing light and vibrant elements in daily clothing design. From an individual shop to a designer brand, Peilia has become an online fashion store offering an extensive selection of beautiful designer clothing and accessories. Our mission is to provide fashionable and quality pieces to the modern woman who loves to express her unique style. We are passionate about offering our audience a wide selection beyond their imagination. Whether you’re looking for something to wear for a night out or something for the office, Peilia Designer Clothing has something for everyone

Founded in 2019 in NYC.


At Peilia, we partner exclusively with the industry's most esteemed designers and manufacturers. Our dedication lies in delivering unparalleled customer service and the latest trending products. Rest assured, every design from Peilia not only embodies our fundamental values but also exemplifies the epitome of quality and style.


Whether you’re looking for something for a special occasion or just a classic piece, we’ve got you covered with our dedicated, experienced customer service team.


At Peilia, we love fashion and we love to help you express your style. We are constantly updating our collection to stay ahead of the latest trends and to ensure that you always have something fresh and new to choose from.

We & Environment & Community

From day one, Peilia has been committed to environmental stewardship and community wellbeing. Actively researching ways to minimize waste and optimize material use from the design phase, we ensure our creations are eco-friendly. Shop with us for sustainable fashion that cares for the planet and people.